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Who We Are

Unitarian Universalism appeals to a wide spectrum of thoughtful people. We have doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, writers, artists, massage therapists, sales associates, actors and others. What we do in our daily lives informs us and hopefully gives us some sense of accomplishment, but it doesn't define us. By and large we check any external hierarchies at the door and enjoy equal status within the church community.

As we have no creed and expect nothing more than an honest quest for truth and understanding, our members would respond positively to a variety of religious "labels." We have theists (believers in a higher power), humanists, "naturalists" (the spiritual is to be found in the world as we experience it), and agnostics. We also have members who are Unitarian Universalists while retaining some Buddhist, Hindu or Christian beliefs. This variety of spiritual grounding energizes our shared explorations. What you find is respect for each others' points of view. What you don't find is the attitude that there is one "right" path.

Each of these expositions gives us part of the picture, but the point that must be made is that we treasure individual members for what makes them unique as well as for what we share with them. The "Rogue's Gallery" that you see on this page is a cross-section of our congregation. There are four founders of our church and a number of our newest members. There are single young adults and families at various stages of their lives. One characteristic was essential for inclusion in our slide show: active participation in the life of our church. This means that when you visit us, you can meet the people who are pictured here and see for yourself "Who We Are."


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