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What Could I Do?

When you first approach an "institution" such as a church, it's natural to feel some trepidation: "Where do I even start? Who do I talk to? How do I find out about this place? These people? What do they believe? Will I be welcome?" We have taken many steps we hope will lower your anxiety level. This web site is one. Let's start with the last question: you are welcome! We look forward to meeting you. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. It's probably best to begin with the web site. Explore the topics that interest you. We've tried to take away some of the mystery before you even cross our threshold. If we've managed to pique your interest, why not pay us a visit? You've seen photos of many of us, and we're more interesting in person.

When you arrive at our church, you will be greeted and asked to fill out a Guest Card which will allow you to receive our newsletter for the next three months. Please make sure to wear a name tag every time you attend and join us for coffee and light snacks following the service. You will meet several of our members (we love to talk). Members wearing green name tags are on the Membership Team and can answer your questions. You might want to pick up copies of a few of our handouts, particularly "A Practical Reference," "Ways to Receive From Community..." and "Becoming a Member." They are thorough and informative and you can read them at your leisure.

We encourage you to attend our Faith Forward: Inquirers Series held each Sunday from 12:15 to 1:15 in the Library. It's an opportunity to learn more about Community UU Church and Unitarian Universalism, and ask any questions you might have.

We also have many activities that allow you to connect with our members without making a commitment to the church itself. They include:

Discuss the Sunday service at Church Chats, right after Hospitality Hour each Sunday.

Adult Religious Education: Attend a course on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday evenings and enjoy good fellowship with fellow attendees.

If you're musical, try First Friday Folk Singers or even our Choir. Or volunteer to perform on the instrument of your choice.

Drop into Friday Flicks and see an outstanding film.

Circle Suppers are an excellent way to meet folks over a tasty meal.

Play Bridge

Sit in on a Book Club meeting.

Lend a hand in our Community Harvest garden.

Participate in an Earth Spirit Ritual.

Or have Breakfast with the Men's Fellowship.

And you will find other opportunities throughout this web site. If you decide this could be a comfortable church home for you, "How Do I Join the Church?" is your next stop.

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