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Share the Plate

A new financial program to support more charities will start in June, 2015.  Replacing our current "5th Sunday" collection will be "Share the Plate" where on the last Sunday of the month the undesignated plate collection will be split 50-50 between the church and a designated charity.

Additionally, donations during the month may be done online.  If you aren't at Church on the last Sunday of any month you may also donate via the web by clicking HERE and selecting the "Share the Plate" option.

The charities designated throughout the fiscal year include:

Future Months TBD
October 27, 2019 Meals on Wheels
September 29, 2019 Minister's Discretionary Fund
August 25, 2019 Barron Elementary School
July 28, 2019 God's Food Pantry
June 30, 2019 Human Rights Initiative
May 26, 2019 UBarU Camp & Retreat Center
April 28, 2019
Service Project
March 31, 2019 Minister's Discretionary Fund
February 24, 2019 Texas UU Justice Ministry
January 27, 2019 Community Harvest Garden
December 30, 2018 Minister's Discretionary Fund
November 26, 2018 Plano Community Home
October 28, 2018 Meals on Wheels
September 30, 2018 Minister's Discretionary Fund
August 26, 2018 Barron Elementary School
July 29, 2018 God's Food Pantry
June 24, 2018 Human Rights Initiative
May 27, 2018 UBARU
April 29, 2018 New Orleans Project
March 25, 2018 Minister's Discretionary Fund
February 25, 2018 Texas UU Justice Ministry
January 28, 2018 Community Harvest Garden


For more information, email:

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