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Our Story

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship North (UUFN) held its first service on February 9, 1975 at the Marriott Inn on LBJ Freeway in Dallas. The sixty-five founding members had just left the Richardson Unitarian Church and had no idea what the future held in store. They were determined to create a religious community that reflected the principles that had attracted them to Unitarian Universalism.

The next three decades would see two name changes, six meeting places and three settled ministers (plus an Extension Minister, a Minister-On-Loan and three Interim Ministers). After eighteen years in the first facility we could call our own, the need for more space led us to the present church property on Parker Road. We moved in in 1998 and changed our name to Community Unitarian Universalist Church of Plano.

In keeping with the vision of our founders, we have always offered high quality Religious Education for our Children. The program has benefited from the inspired leadership of many directors including our current interim DRE, Rev. Jennifer Innis.

Music, too, has been important to us. We have many skilled performers who share their talents with us, and our outstanding choir is now under the dynamic leadership of Christopher Wolff.

In 2006 we called our current minister, the Reverend Patrick Price, and began a process that has produced a strategic plan that will lead us into the future.

We have grown from a fellowship to a church; from no minister to a full-time one; from sixty-five to over two hundred members; from a few children in RE to more than one hundred; and from meeting in a motel to our own buildings with nearly ten acres of property that includes a pond with herons and a two-hundred-year-old pecan tree.

We have added a two-room Annex to accommodate RE and Adult RE classes and other activities, a community garden with multiple plots maintained by both members of the congregation and members of the wider community, and a beautiful Memory Garden.

The lifeblood of the church remains its concerned, engaged and hard-working members. Their commitment to liberal religion and strong sense of community have sustained the church through occasional difficult times and will continue to drive us to success.

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