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New Orleans Rebirth Volunteer Program

In August 2010 a small group from Community UU Church (CUUC) traveled to New Orleans to spend a week participating in the New Orleans Rebirth Volunteer Program, a program of the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal (CELSJR), housed at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans (FUUNO). At this time we established a partnership with the Lower Ninth Ward Village Community Center (the Village).  Subsequent groups went to New Orleans in June 2011 and August 2012 to continue the efforts. This has become an annual social outreach event for the church and this year (2013) we plan to be in New Orleans from July 28th through either August 10th or 17th, with individuals from NTUUC congregations cycling through.  Adult Members, Friends, and Visitors of the churches and Youth over the age of 14 are invited to participate.  All youth must be accompanied by adult sponsors from their home congregations.

Photos of our Volunteers at the New Orleans Service Project - 2013 (Power Point)

Mondays through Fridays are full work days and Saturdays are half work days.  Orientation workshops will be conducted the day after arrival.  On Sundays we will attend worship services of one of the GNOUU (Greater New Orleans UU) churches.  We also hope to be given a tour of the recently-rebuilt Community Church UU’s green facility.  A few nights out for dinner and sightseeing are also planned.

We will be housed at the recently renovated Volunteer House, a few blocks away from the Village.  The Volunteer House can accommodate up to six boys and six girls (separate bedrooms) and eight adults, sleeping on portable cots.  Volunteers from the church will prepare our meals and manage the kitchen.  Each participant's room and board cost is yet to be determined, which will be payable in advance to CUUC (write New Orleans on the memo line). Some scholarship money is available for those in need.

Specific projects at the Village are as-yet undetermined; the work to be done will be driven by the number and skills of the volunteers coupled with the needs of the Village as determined by its director, Mack McClendon.  In the past, we have done electrical, carpentry, painting, cleanup and organizing work.



Dick Hildenbrand and Bill Daffinee will travel a few days early to New Orleans to make sure all projects are defined and that all equipment, tools, and supplies are available. They also will serve as foremen for the projects we undertake.  We also need volunteers to staff the kitchen throughout our stay.

People planning to participate should bring several changes of work clothes, closed-toed shoes, a personal water bottle, bandanas and insect repellent.

If you have questions, contact Dick Hildenbrand.

Sign up by completing the following forms below:

  1. Registration
  2. Liability Waiver (TBP)
  3. Sponsorship – required for youth under 18 years of age (TBP)

Payment should be made electronically, by electronic check, credit or debit card through the church web site at:


For more information about the Village, see:

The New Orleans Rebirth Volunteer Program web site.

The Lower Ninth Ward Village Community Center web site.


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