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Service Auction Donation Information Form

Thank you for your interest in donating for the Service Auction! If you are donating more than one item please fill out one form for each item donated, unless the items are a multiple quantity of an identical item.

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Donor Name(s):*
If the church already has your contact information, it is not necessary to fill in Address, Telephone, and Email Address.
Email Address:
Category of Item (choose which best fits):*

Short Title of Item:*
Use same remaining information from last year's donation unless specified otherwise?
Description of Item for Write-up:
Quantity Offered:
Quantity unit of Measure:

"Street Value" of 1 unit:
Minimum bid per unit:
If event, specific or approximate date of event: (Format: mm/dd/yyyy)
Expiration date/Valid until: (Format: mm/dd/yyyy)
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