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Youth Classes Rummage Sale

We're having a rummage sale the second weekend in March! The proceeds will help send our Coming of Age class to Boston for their Heritage Trip and the YRUU class to New Orleans for their Service Trip. Several of you have asked when you could bring your goodies. The answer is NOW! Please bring your items to church and put them on the table in the storage box on the west side of the parking lot - just find one of the RE Board Members for the key. We'll have teens available before and after church to help you move items if you need help. If you have questions, contact Danni Williams or Rev. Jennifer Innis.

Would you like to contribute but don't know what we're looking for? Here are some ideas for places to look for things you're ready to pass along to someone else for a good cause! Donations of all sorts will be welcome:

  • Check your bookshelves for books, CDs and DVDs.
  • Your game closet for games or puzzles.
  • Your children's' rooms for outgrown toys or clothes.
  • Your closets for clothes that no longer fit your life.
  • The kitchen cabinet for duplicates or hard-to-fit, seldom-used appliances.
  • Your house for furniture, baby items, knickknacks.
  • Anything that's still usable, we'd like to sell it!

You can bring in one item or a whole van full - we're grateful for everything you donate.

Our Important Dates:

  • March 13-15:  Bring large items directly into the sanctuary
  • March 15:  Sale opens for CUUC members and friends
  • March 16:  Sale open to general public
  • March 17:  Sale open to general public
  • March 17:  Starting at noon will be Bag It & Take It (for $1 a bag take what you can fit in it)

Thank you for saving your goodies to support our youth!

If you have items that just have to get out of the house – or if you need help transporting your items – you can email our DRE at

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