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Sunday Worship

Worship services are held each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. Visitors are always welcome.

When you arrive, our greeters will welcome you, give you some literature about our church, and answer any questions that you may have.

Our services are designed to inspire, challenge, and educate. Each service consists of hymns, readings, a story for children, musical performances, quiet reflection, and a sermon or lecture by our minister, a visiting minister, or an invited speaker. Children and youth can participate in religious education classes during the worship service. Childcare is available for infants and toddlers.

Following the morning service, we gather in Founders Hall for the coffee and social hour. This is a great opportunity to meet people and to learn more about our church and its activities.

Love is the spirit of this church and service is its law. This is our great covenant: to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in freedom, and to help one another.

Past Sermons

To listen to past sermons,
follow this link to Sermon Archive

Theological Theme for November 2017: Covenant

November 5 - "Promises Broken and Remade"

November 12 - "There is More Love" - Worship is the Park

November 19 - "Spiraling Through the Golden Circle"

November 26 - "Flame of Learning, Flame of Love" & "Promises"

Theological Theme for December 2017: God

December 3 - "Dancing With Goddess/God"

December 10 - "A Holiday Pageant for All Ages"

December 17 - "Annual Yuletide Celebration"

December 24 - "A Christmas Spirit Worship For All Ages"

December 24 - "Christmas Eve Lessons & Carols Candle Light Service"

December 31 - "Turnings"

This Month's Sermons

For more information,
visit our Upcoming Services page.

Theological Theme for February 2018: Religious Authority

February 4 - "The Ephemeral Ordination of Liberal Community Ministry"

February 11 - "Our Power of Transformation"

February 18 - "Our Power of Blessing"

February 25 - "Our Power to Let Go"

Last Month's Sermons

To listen to any sermon,
follow this link to our Sermon Archive

Theological Theme for January 2018: Creation

January 7 - "Working Together for Black Lives Matter"

January 14 - "Dear White Folks: That Would Be Me"

January 21 - "Creation, Creativity and the Real"

January 28 - "Between Roots and Wings- the Dynamic Tension of Being"